6 Ways to Clean Your Chewigem

6 Ways to Clean Your Chewigem

You’re probably wondering what is the best way to clean Chewigem?

This is really is down to personal preference but there are many ways to do this.

  • Wash in Hot Soapy Water – you can do this with your dishes or the same way you wash your dishes
  • In The Top Rack of Your Dishwasher – but you will need to remove the cord
  • With a Mild Hand Wash – you can wash your Chewigem with a mild antibacterial hand wash and water
  • Boil Them – you can boil some water and leave your Chewigem to soak in the boiling water
  • You Can Sterilise Them – in steam, water or microwave steriliser.  You will need to remove the cord
  •  Antibacterial Wipes – you can wipe them over with antibacterial wipes similar to the ones used for dummies.

We hope this helps give you some ideas about how to clean your Chewigem.

Remember once you’ve cleaned them to store them back in the Chewigem Pouch to keep them clean for the next use.