Chews Your Battles!

Chews Your Battles!


I don’t know about you but I’m one of those people who like to choose their battles. I’ll never win everything, and I’ve learned over the years which battles matter and which don’t.


While your friends are moaning about how their little ones won’t eat veggies, you may be trying to stop yours from removing their nappy and smearing shit all over the walls. Seriously who gives a “shit” (sorry couldn’t resist) about vegetables!

Until you’ve walked in our shoes it’s hard to understand, but I’d rather concentrate on the things that matter rather than the things that don’t.

I don’t really mind that my child lives on chicken nuggets because I am more concerned about her learning to dress herself (she’s 13).

A healthy balanced diet can definitely wait – she “IS” eating and that’s what matters.

While some parents would be mortified if their children were turned out like mine, I am simply pleased she is wearing clothes. Do I force her to brush her hair? God no, I’d rather she look like a scarecrow than go through the pain of the hairbrush. We can deal with that another day.


Then comes bedtime, she can’t sleep, she has never been able to. If I make her switch the lights off and go to sleep she won’t. She will get anxious and it will escalate and she will be up all night. So I let her have the lamp on and read until she is ready to sleep. I’m not winning this battle so I’m not choosing it. This one will always end in tears.


What about the battle of chewing? Chewing clothes and toys can be unsafe not to mention costly. What if I told you that you “CAN” win this battle?

For 7 years Chewigem™ has been the leader in what is essentially jewellery for you or your child to chew on. Which means it’s always right there when you need it – on your arm or around your neck and because they are so discreet they just look like funky cool jewellery.

Some cheap alternatives are available online, but if safety is important to you then be warned.

All Chewigem products are tested to N123 Standards and are made with food grade, non-toxic, dishwasher friendly silicone.

I promise you now Chewigems can and have been life-changing. If you don’t, believe me, you just need to read the testimonials on our website.

But we don’t just offer you a safe solution to chewing. We offer a community or knowledge and support.

If you haven’t tried us before you’ll wish you knew about us sooner. So if you see someone who’s struggling with the battle of chewing, please share your knowledge of Chewigem. We are here to help.

Lorraine Young
Chewigem Brand Manager and mum to Autistic Teen & Chewer Jamie