4 Month VIC Membership Benefits + 3 Credits

FREE / month for 4 months and a $59.85 sign-up fee

Sold By: Chewigem USA


Try out our VIC membership with our 4 month offering, this gives you access to our discounted pricing, credit bundles, our very special secret group, in which you may be selected for all sorts of exciting opportunities.

You pay for 3 months upfront, no automatic billing set up, so nothing to cancel. Your membership will automatically stop after 120 days. You get 3 credits credited to your account straight away meaning you can exchange them for products in our store. Or if you have your eye on something bigger, then why not bulk buy some credits and enjoy 15% off the price, this effectively saves you 15% off anything you purchase. Don’t worry, we will be in touch at the end of the three months to see how you are getting on and we would hope you would have got so much out of being a member you will stay with us and move onto our monthly VIC program which will keep you in our amazing group, allow you free first class shipping, be the first to hear our news.


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