The Adventures of Jamie – How Dogs Help Me

The Adventures of Jamie – How Dogs Help Me


I have two dogs.

Roxy, the older one is very gentle but very nervous.

Star is lovely, but also crazy and may or may not be a cat in disguise.

We got Roxy after Mum read about Autism Assistance Dogs.  My dogs aren’t assistant dogs, but they do have many ways to calm me during and after meltdowns.


When I am in a meltdown, almost nothing can calm me, except time I guess; or else if I had a meltdown when I was two it would have gone on for years.

An exception to this are dogs; especially Star as I feel responsible for her. They both have very different ways of calming me, but they are both very good at it.

Roxy is older so she is more calm about my meltdowns as she is more used to them.  This surprises me as she is quite nervous about a lot of things, haha.  She will lie down near me and that on it’s own is very calming as Roxy is lovely and loves cuddles.  She can’t do that right now because she is sick but I am trying to make sure she is ok.

Star gets very upset when I have meltdowns and comes and cuddles near me and gives me lots of fuss.  I love Star so much so seeing her upset can often get me out of a meltdown as I don’t like to see her getting upset.  After a meltdown I get really upset so Star stays by me and makes sure I’m alright. She is so caring.  I love Star.  She is the best thing ever.

I love my dogs for many reasons but because they both help me in their owns ways makes them extra special.  They are not my pets they are my babies.