The Adventures of Jamie – My Autism

The Adventures of Jamie – My Autism

Hi, I’m Jamie and I’m Autistic.

Autism is different for everyone.

My Autism is classed as High Functioning.

I am very intelligent and I didn’t have any problems talking; which made it harder for people to see my autism when I was little.  People used to say things like “she can’t be autistic she can talk” or “she is too clever to be autistic”.

Autism is a spectrum condition and being at the higher end doesn’t make it easier; like lots of people think it does. Everyone with autism has difficulties in some areas, some people will struggle more than others regardless of where they are on the spectrum.

I struggle a lot.

I have really bad sensory issues and struggle to cope with the world around me.  Most of the time the world is too noisy and too bright and this can cause huge sensory overload.  Sensory overloads can make me anxious and depressed.

I also struggle socially and emotionally.  I don’t understand people or social situations and I can’t read emotions.  I can often be over emotional or under emotional.  I do have emotions just like everyone else, I’m just not sure how to control them or display them properly.  It’s really hard.

My autism can also be quite fun as I get really engrossed in my interests.  I have a best friend who is autistic too and we have the same interests so when we get to spend time together it can be so awesome. People say we are clones of each other but she is much taller than me!

People say we are clones of each other but she is much taller than me!