What It’s Like Having a Sibling With Additional Needs

What It’s Like Having a Sibling With Additional Needs


My Mum asked me what it was like to have a sibling with additional needs? The problem is I don’t know what it’s like to have a sibling who doesn’t have additional needs.


Me and my sister don’t fight or argue like typical siblings.  She is often in her own world so doesn’t bother me much and when we do spend time together it’s doing something we both enjoy like Pokemon and that’s fun!

Although when she has a really bad meltdown she can hit me and hurt me but I know she doesn’t mean it.

Other kids sometimes don’t get it, and ask me “what’s wrong with your sister” or say things like “your sister is weird”. I wish more people understood that actually she is just different!

I hate it when people stare at my sister in her wheelchair so I stare back at them! It really makes me angry.

Sometimes I feel like the world revolves around my sister.  She gets away with things I would be in trouble for and sometimes that makes me angry.

She can eat Jetter’s and Waffles everyday and I have to have a healthy balanced diet!

Although when Mum’s tired (which is often) I get to eat Jetter’s and Waffles lots too!

Most of the time we can’t do things I like to do because of her sensory processing disorder.  This can be annoying because sometimes I miss out on things.  Or we have to split the family to keep everyone happy.

But when we do things that I like it’s really good and I think I enjoy it more.

Plus my sister loves gaming so we have lots in common and she always tells me when a new game is going to be released.

My sister doesn’t really sleep so this really disturbs my sleep and I am often really tired.

I love my sister and I wouldn’t change her for the world, but sometimes I wish I could change the world for my sister.